About Us

NIZAMOGLU Law Firm has been founded by Mehmet Berkay Nizamoğlu in Istanbul and it has in a short time become one of the most reputable law offices in Istanbul. The most important issue lying behind its success is that it can quickly adapt to the current events and judicial improvements in the global world thanks to its young, dynamic structure. In this way, it has been able to evaluate legal matters as a whole and provide alternative ways by taking different conditions and factors into consideration without relying upon on a single perspective.

NIZAMOGLU Law Firm provides its Clients with result and success-oriented legal services. It offers original solutions to legal issues with a practical and innovative approach, and it also offers solutions to disputes or probable disputes experienced by its Clients with a sense of distinguished service. Even in such situations, where the dispute doesn’t exist, by acting in the sense of “Preventive Law “ and following its point of view, it informs its clients about the matters they face or they may face when they start their business or personal activities. Thanks to our services based on the Preventive Law system, the probable risks are minimized and the commercial and legal position of our clients are protected at a highest level.  

NIZAMOGLU Law Firm has committed itself to meeting its clients’ expectations at the highest level, providing our clients with the service of client-focused, boutique legal services. By providing feedbacks for the conflicts and expectations of the clients swiftly and satisfactorily and  making the slow and ambiguous legal processes of our present times simplified, ensures that the clients are aware of the whole legal process. Besides, without compromising on the privacy policy for its clients, it aims to have visible and long term relation based on mutual trust.

NIZAMOGLU Law Firmhas legal activities in primarily “Real Property Law”, “Law of Contracts”, “Commercial Law”, “Medical Law and Legislation” and various cases in many judicial fields. It provides judicial support to the local and foreign persons, legal entities and prestigious family communities. Being aware of the fact that legal services are not only carried out at trials, it resolves legal disputes amicably by means of creating alternative solutions without the need to go on trial, providing benefits to its clients in terms of time and money.

NIZAMOGLU Law Firm with NIZAMOGLU Engineering, a solution partner, act together in real estate law conflicts and, before judicial process, they handle the disputes technically and from different perspectives. With knowledge and experience of 30 years in this area, Nizamoğlu Engineering handles the matters in detail, focusing on the shortest and easiest way for the result and forming the legal process with their technical knowledge.

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