Real Property Law


Gayrimenkul Hukukuna ilişkin davaların takip edilmesi ve danışmanlık hizmeti verilmesi.

  • Adequate pay cases
  • Lease cases (actio ex locate)
  • Land registration-actions for nullity
  • Land share correction cases
  • Claims of compensation
  • Mortgage release cases
  • Suits of partition
  • Cases regarding correction of land registration
  • Actions for preemption
  • Cases regarding restoration and retrofit expenses
  • Actions for nullity of development plans
  • Actions for nullity of 18. Article Practices
  • Tax cases regarding retrospectively refund of overpaid property taxes
  • Cadastres cases
  • Confiscating without expropriating cases
  • Actions for nullity of decision of expropriation
  • Confiscation cases regarding places that are included in absolute preservation band
  • Determination and registration cases for expropriated prices
  • Confiscating without expropriating cases that result from a development plan which    has not been taken into construction program for long years and thus put into practice
  • Confiscation laws of fields of “Public Partnership Interest”
  • Cases that result from “Public Partnership Interest” proportional mistakes
  • Cases that result from “Development Readjustment Share” proportional mistakes
  • Urgent expropriation cases
  • Material reformation cases
  • Confiscation cases for outstanding parts 

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