Ayşe Gül Yüksel

Harita Mühendisi, Ayşe Gül Yüksel, Survey Engineer, مهندس الخرائط

Ayşe Gül Yüksel Hasılcıo born in 1992. She complated Hassa Anatolian High School. She graduated Yıldız Technical University at the department of Geomatic Engineering as an honor student. During her undergraduate study, she assisted by Yıldız Technical University department of Geomatic Engineering Topography head of the department of Prof. Dr. Mehmet Selçuk.  In 2015, she started to work as geomatic engineer at NIZAMOGLU Engineering. Ayşe Gül Yüksel Hasılcıo contributed in many projects such as information system in real estate, reconstruction plan and practice, real estate counselling within the structure of our company.  Determination the problems of real estates in deed and cadastrial situation, reviewing zonning plans and plan process at each scale, following and reporting of all current developments and tax processes about real estates. Besides all these she currently continues to work together with NIZAMOGLU Law Office as a solution partner under Nizamoglu Engineering at disputes to real estate law

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